NFT & Digital artworks since 2003

K25621B005627tatianaTatiana CRUZ- Digital & Video peformance- Limited edition, purchase with a 
certificate from the artist and the gallery 

VA-Sadek Rahim-Leaving Paradise 5

SADEK RAHIM - Digital and Video installation - Limited edition 


BROOKE WHITE - OIL, RICE, COTTON. Digital & Video - Limited edition

Flovers3 surekha galerie mamai bretesché

SUREKHA KUMAR - Video installation - limited edition 


Maria Rebecca BALLESTRA- Special Project - Journey into fragility! A world wide
multi medias project.
D’ici lundi à quatorze heures, dessin, 2013

Thomas ZORITCHAK – D’ici lundi à quatorze heures, dessin, 2013 6 -Digital basedart project -Original

Thomas Zoritchak_Civiliser_vue expo_2011

Femlink collectif - Digital & Video collage - Limited edition
Courtesy of Veronique Sapin : founder
All rights reserved, courtesy mamia bretesche gallery

Purchase and information: Mamia Bretesche: 0033660870621 
13, rue Molière 13200 Arles, France